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The Benefits of Massage

Anyone who routinely stretches their physical limits through exercise, strength training and aerobics can benefit from massage. There are others who do strenuous activities not classified as exercise. Examples include mothers with small children, gardeners, laborers, trade people and others who stress their body in daily life. Incorporating massage into your conditioning program has many benefits. Massage therapy helps get the body into good shape, thereby promoting faster recovery from muscle strain.

1. Reduces anxiety, lowers stress levels and lowers cortisol levels, all of which promote relaxation.
2. Decreases muscle pain, spasms, and some types of headaches.
3. Stimulates lymphatic flow.
4. Increases blood circulation and venous return of blood to the heart.
5. Decreases production of stress hormones.
6. Helps decrease the heart rate.
7. May improve joint function.
8. Serotonin levels increase, promoting a sense of well being.
9. Improves posture.
10. Stimulates removal of waste products from cells.

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